Jessica Starey

Early years...

Jessica wanted to be an architect since she attended elementary school. With a German father and a Guatemalan mother, she decided to study architecture in Guatemala City (Universidad Francisco Marroquin) and in New Orleans (Tulane University).

Once she finished her architecture studies she moved to Paris in 2005 where she has been living and working ever since.

Her career path... 

Jessica Starey is a German-Guatemalan architect who has been living in Paris France since 2005. Being based in Paris opened Jessica the opportunity to work projects around the world.

She worked on urban and luxury residential projects in Beijing, an offices high rise building in Shanghai and a 5 stars hotel, The 7 Villas in Hangzhou

In charge of the international branch, Jessica worked as a senior project with the contemporary architect Edouard Francois, on large scale, mixed use competitions and projects in Gurgaon India, Colombo Sri Lanka, Malmö Sweden, Marseille France, Casablanca Morocco, Versailles France, Montpellier France, Salzburg Austria and Paris France.

Working in the Middle East and Africa has been very interesting as well. As a design manager on an upscale hotel in Algiers, an international competition in Abu Dhabi, a lifestyle hotel in Marrakech Morocco, a Club Med resort in Sinai Bay Egypt and a luxury hotel Oman.

Jessica has enriched her experience in hospitality design for over 15 years. Working on brand hearted hotels such as W Hotels and resorts, InterContinental Hotel Group, Hilton and Accor allowed her to enlarge and face the cultural challenges to implement brand design concepts into different markets and cultures.

Present days...

Today Jessica leads a company and a team of designers and consultants who will be able to support you on your real estate projects.

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